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Beach Graphic Art

Sea Gull Graphic Art

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When I give presentations, I often make my own background to use in my slides.  Here are some of the backgrounds I’ve made recently.  If you would like to use them, please send me an email and I will send you the full sized images.  I made these in Inkscape, a vector illustration software that is free and open source.  It is amazing!  These images are coastal because that’s the region I study.  The plants in the images with the blue and green backgrounds are based on salt brush (Atriplex leucophylla) and beach morning glory (Calystegia soldanella), both California natives.

To make your own backgrounds in Inkscape for your own presentations, just set your page size in Inkscape to the same size as the slides you are using in your presentation software.  Then make your image and save it.  Finally, just set your new image as the background image for you slide.  Now you’ve got a custom presentation background!