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Organizing Many Projects Simultaneously

It’s probably obvious by now if you read my blog at all that I do a lot of things.  I’m a researcher, scientist, artist, and dancer, just to name a few of my callings in life.  Even though I believe all of these things are connected, it can still be a challenge to keep all of the tasks and deadlines straight.

Recently, a friend asked me for my thoughts on how to keep many different projects organized.  This was a really good question to have to try to answer because it made me think critically about my system and helped me clarify my process.  In doing this exercise, I realized how fluid my system is.  I don’t always use the same process.  It is important to me though to have many different tools at my disposal so I can use whichever tool works with my current frame of mind.  In trying to explain these processes to myself and to my friend, I created the diagram you see above.  Clearly, I need visuals to explain things to myself.

If you would like a larger, printable version of this graphic, you can download an 8.5 x 11 version here: OrganizationScheme

Did this diagram help you?  I’d love to hear if you used it and how you keep yourself organized.