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Comic: Raccoon Drinking Games

I want so badly to share some of the diagrams I’ve been working on, but alas, they are a part of my dissertation that will eventually be published so I can’t post them yet.  It probably will be a couple years before I can do that.  Lame!  So in the mean time, here’s another silly little comic.  I hope you like it.  I think I drew this the same day, in the same dull meeting, as the Chipmunk Bandit.


Comic: Chipmunk Bandit

Oh man!  This month has been beyond busy.  I made 12 showgirl costumes, danced in three shows (plus all the rehearsals), applied for several things, finished a milestone draft of that big document I have to write, and spoke at a conference, plus there’s that job I have and classes.  With that as an excuse, I offer the above comic as an apology for being away for so long.  I drew this a few years ago on the back of a meeting agenda for a meeting I really didn’t need to be at.  I think it’s cute.  Enjoy!

Comic: Raster vs. Vector

Who among us has NOT had one of these moments?

For all you fellow GIS geeks, this is for you!  I drew this comic sketch a few years ago after a student told me that they were confused for an entire lecture because they swore the professor was talking about “raptors” and they weren’t sure what dinosaurs had to do with GIS.

Over the years I’ve drawn many silly little comics, some of them with no plots at all.  I think I’ll post one every now and then just for fun.  I hope you enjoy them.