I lead two lives – one as an artist and the other as a scientist.  More and more I’m finding my two worlds colliding, and it’s not the disaster you might expect.

I use this blog to keep tabs on what I’m doing in both of my lives.  To keep some semblance of order, I’ll tag posts so you can filter out the life you want to read about and ignore the rest.

In my art life, I dance, crochet, sketch, sew, photograph, and generally craft.  I’m also starting to venture into graphic design.

In my science life, I’m a geographer studying beach plant ecology.  I want to know what plants we have, what plants we used to have, who lives where, and why.  I do traditional quantitative and qualitative vegetation description and I’m a geospatial scientist (GIS and remote sensing).  You can read more about my research at my research website.  I also have a YouTube channel for videos of my Kite and Balloon Aerial Photography.

Where art & science collide, I design and build low-altitude remote sensing platforms using kites and balloons.  The sewing, photography, and geography skills all come in mighty handy for this.  I also have a growing interest (and skill) in cartography and map design – can’t get much more of a combination of art and science than that!

At one point I thought about splitting my interests into separate blogs, but decided against that.  This is my brain – my multipassionate, multipotenitalite, multipod, polymath, whatever you want to call it – and that’s the topics I’ll post about.

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  • J M Naszady

    Your interests are fascinating! I have always been interested in art and science as well. While I focused on Biology and Forestry, I always was pulled toward Geography. Not hard enough, however. I ended up teaching elementary mathematics and science, and now am dabbling in the art I never had the time for between teaching and raising a family. Your work sounds very cool!

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