When ImpactStory Won’t Update

I just started using ImpactStory to track my impact in the world of Academia.  The site is beautifully simple.  And when it works, it’s fantastic.  Occasionally though (I’ve been doing this less than 24 hours, but still) something goes wrong and finding help is almost impossible, given the simple nature of the site (just add a help page with commonly asked help questions, please!).

For example, what do you do when you upload something to a linked account (FigShare, SlideShare, etc.) but ImpactStory doesn’t update?  Now is when you make use of that “Import individual products” link.  Pay careful attention.  On the right side, the graphic tells you what you can put in the box and it’s not the same for all the sites.

Some platforms work with URLs (the link you use to get to the page) for the item.  That’s easy.

But some – CrossRef, Dryad, FigShare – work with the DOI assigned to the item.  PubMed uses an article ID called a PMID.  For the platforms that use DOIs or PMIDs, leave out the URL and just input the DOI or PMID.  They can be found on the page that contains details for the item you want to add to ImpactStory.  If you try to give it the whole URL, it doesn’t work the way you want it to… trust me.

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3 responses to “When ImpactStory Won’t Update

  • Stacy Konkiel

    Hi Michele,

    Thanks for blogging about your experience with Impactstory! Great to hear your perspective on what works (and doesn’t!) for you as a researcher.

    Your suggestion of a FAQ page is a great one! You’ll be happy to know that one is in the works now. We hope to debut it in the next few weeks.

    I’ll pass your observation about the Figshare sync issues and suggestion for DOIs vs URLs along to Heather & Jason.

    And if you encounter any other issues with the site or would like to make feature suggestions, please do submit a ticket at feedback.impactstory.org.

    Director of Marketing & Research

    • micheletobias

      Thanks for the response! I didn’t add a “feature suggestion” because the name of it made it sound like it was a place for new ideas, not a place to report bugs. But now I will. ImpactStory really is awesome. I really think this is the best academic site I’ve joined.

      • Stacy Konkiel

        I’m so pleased to hear that!

        You are right, the “Feature” suggestion is for just that. But to the right on feedback.impactstory.org, there’s an icon to Contact Support that lets you submit help tickets, report bugs, etc. Or you can email tickets@impactstory.uservoice.com.


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