Marxan Table Relationships


Marxan is confusing.  There’s lots of pages of documentation and tutorials, but as a visual learner, all that text makes my head spin.  I find myself drawing pictures once I understand what’s going on so I can refer to them later.  The diagram above is a cleaned up, attractive, and cheerful rendition of the diagram I drew for myself on the whiteboard in my office (thank you, Inkscape, for having way more colors than I have for whiteboard markers).  The idea is taken from database diagrams.  The bold text is the table name and I put the recommended file name under it for easy reference.  The list beneath this is the column names for each file.  The lines connect columns with data that match (primary keys and whatnot).  So there you have it.  Maybe later I’ll post a new version with more notes about each file.  Let me know if that would be helpful.

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