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I am on the Board of Directors for a professional dance company in northern California.  At this weekend’s board meeting, we spent a lot of time discussing social media and how we can use it more effectively for promoting the dance company.  Not surprisingly, I am in charge now of the company’s blog.  Easy.  I already know how to do that.  Someone else is handling Facebook and another member is starting our Twitter account.  All of these ideas were new to several board members.  They just don’t use social media.  They find “old school” (their term) communications like e-mail work best for them, and that’s great.

The meeting’s discussion got me thinking about how I use social media for promoting Experimental Craft and my own research, which shows up here from time to time.  I am not new to social media.  I’ll admit that I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away, but I did get a Facebook account way, way back when you had to have a .edu email address to sign up.  I’ve come to expect social media in my life (heck, I’ve got a blog! … well, now two) and use it as a tool for keeping up communication with far-flung friends and finding out what’s going on.  I get the vast majority of my breaking news from social media, not the traditional media.  But I also don’t use every form of social media – no one can, at least not effectively, unless they have a staff just for that purpose (i.e. a publicist).  I have my cozy niche of personal and professional sites I use and that’s that.

If my fellow board members can make the stretch to accept social media (even some of them are signing up for new accounts for the first time just to follow the company), I can expand my horizons.  I’ve been resistant to Twitter, so I’m giving that a try.  You can now follow Experimental Craft on Twitter @artsciencelove .  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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