Graphic Art: Rainbow Compass

I’m in the process of developing a logo for a group that deals with geospatial (mapping, GPS data collection, cartography, etc.) consulting.  This is one of the doodles we’re working with.  Selecting colors for the points on the compass has been an interesting process.  At first, I picked the colors starting with the three primary colors (red, blue, yellow) spaced evenly, then filled in the rest with intermediate colors. When I had trouble making a gradient in the purple section, I thought, hey, these are digital numbers, why don’t I just do the math and pick the hue so that the numbers are evenly spaced?  The answer is that if you do that, you end up with very odd colors on each point, like muddy olive green.  That’s not attractive.  So the key was keeping all of the color parameters the same (saturation, lightness, alpha) the same and varying the hue so that it was visually appealing.

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