DIY Leg Purse

What’s a girl to do?  Graduation is coming up and I’ve realized that I have no way to carry the essentials with me through the ceremony since they won’t let anyone carry a purse.  The guys get to have pockets since they get to wear pants, but most girl outfits (including all of my choices) don’t have any.  Yes, I could sew some pockets into my dress, but I’ve got a longer-term solution: a thigh holster to go under my dress.  The one I’ve made has a pocket for my cell phone, which can also hold some cash and a few cards (ID, credit card, etc.), and a loop for my inhaler.  (There’s no way I’m going to a graduation ceremony with out my trusty blue friend since fancy events seem to give people license to bathe in cologne or perfume… but maybe you should consider going a little light on the perfume anyway since you might make someone sick… ok, now I’ll get off my soap box.)

Modeled over pants here, but this will go under a skirt for actual use.

So here’s how I did it… pretty easy really:

  1. First I made a cell phone cover similar to the felt cover I made for my phone for every day use.  This one is made out of a cotton-polyester blend woven fabric, so the edges need to be turned under and hemmed  to prevent unraveling, but otherwise it’s  the same as what I showed you before.  I decorated mine a little bit this time with some tulle ruffles and a scrap of satin ribbon (all color coordinated to match my inhaler… yeah!).
  2. Next, I got out an elastic headband that I never wear.  It’s called “Stay Put” by Goody.  It’s got little rubber nubs all over it that prevent it from slipping off of your hair, and in this application, it works great to keep it up on your leg without being too tight.  You can resize it if you need to, but wait to do that until you’ve sewed on all the pockets because they will change how it stretches.
  3. I sewed the phone cover to the elastic band near the top of the phone case.  I didn’t want it to flip over or have the phone come out, so it’s better to have most of the weight below the elastic.
  4. Finally, I sewed on a loop made of left-over bias tape to hold my inhaler.  Make it a snug fit.  If you sew the loop on so that there is a section of elastic between the seams that hold the ends of the loop, it will stretch to let you get the inhaler in.  Mine’s riding upside down though since the bottom is big, it will keep it from falling out.
  5. You can add any other pockets or loops you might need.  Just get creative.
  6. Now’s the time to re-size your elastic if you need to.



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