Clothes Pins Keep Me Sane

For most people, costume season is at the end of October.  For those of us in the dance world, it’s now and several other times of the year.  Unlike Halloween costumes, dance costumes often need to be made in large numbers and as similar to each other as possible.  For example, I’m making (among other things) 12 horse-tail-shaped tulle bustles, each with four pieces of tulle in two colors and a long ribbon for the waist band.

How do you keep all those cuts of fabric organized?  The answer is with a clothes pin.  I cut all the fabric at once to avoid time wasted  moving between steps.   When I finish with one color of tulle or cutting ribbon, I make piles of materials that belong to each item to be made, then clip them together.  Then, as I work on the item, I can use the clothes pin to attach the unfinished bits to the piece.  For example, the first step in the bustles was to attach one row of pleated tulle to the middle of the ribbon, so I clipped the remaining three layers of fabric to the end of the ribbon I didn’t need to work with.

So there you have it.  A simple tool to keep your sewing projects neat and organized.  What household items have your re-purposed to make your life easier?

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