Comic: Ye Olde Story of Science

“A flip & thoroughly anachronistic retelling of what science has been through.”

This is a comic I drew for the final for a class on the history of the scientific method.  All quarter we read historical documents on the scientific method, including essays by Plato, Aristotle, and the like.  The final project requirements were very open – it could have been an essay, art project, or really anything demonstrating that we learned something.  This is what I decided to do.  I think this is much better than my original plan to analyze how the Mythbusters used or misused the scientific method.

Please accept my apologies that this image might be difficult to read on some browsers.  I recommend zooming in on your browser window (ctrl + + on Firefox) to help make it easier to read.

About micheletobias

I lead two lives - one as an artist and the other as a scientist. More and more I'm finding my two worlds colliding, and it's not the disaster you might expect. View all posts by micheletobias

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