Aerial Photography: Fly Along at Coal Oil Point

One day I was flipping through digital photo files that came from my hot air balloon photography rig when I realized that it almost looked like a video from the rig’s perspective.  That got me thinking about making a slideshow of pictures.  I found an open source tool on Source Forge called FotoFilmStrip and made a file with a set of photos with the same exposure (my dataset has 3 different exposures).  The program was fairly intuitive and easy to use, and like all open source projects, the price is right.  I was hoping that viewing the photos in succession like this would help me make some sort of new observation that wasn’t obvious before, but to be honest the only real benefit I can see is that it’s fun to watch.

Perhaps I’ll make slideshows for the other photo sets.

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I lead two lives - one as an artist and the other as a scientist. More and more I'm finding my two worlds colliding, and it's not the disaster you might expect. View all posts by micheletobias

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