Aerial Photography: Dogs!!!

Two dogs try to catch (and presumably eat) my kite and drogue tail.

Of all the hazards you can imagine associated with trying to fly a kite with a camera attached, you probably never thought about dogs.  Yes, dogs.

Flying my kite aerial photography rig over a beach for the first time, a beach that just happens to be called Dog Beach in San Diego, I was confronted with two sporty dogs who found the kite and it’s black drogue tail to be so completely irresistible that they were jumping off the low dunes in an attempt to grab the offending items.  This was all well and good, because I was certain they were never going to be able to get the kite and tail flying 20 feet or so above the ground, until they saw the camera housing which was floundering just a few feet above the ground.  There wasn’t quite enough wind to keep the heavy SLR in the air.

For a few moments, I imagined the camera torn to shreds or my hands bitten as I reeled in line trying to keep the camera off the ground and out of reach.  Fortunately, the dogs’ owner was a very responsible dog owner and was able to get the dogs away from the camera.  I’m not being sarcastic.  He really was quick to try to fix the situation.  I don’t blame the dogs.  Kites are an exciting thing.  And I am very grateful to the owner – he was clearly a caring owner who prides himself on having well trained dogs.  Kites apparently though trump training when you’re a dog.

The camera snapped this shot of one of the dogs who wanted to eat the camera. Mmm... camera.

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