DIY Rockin’ Quadrat Frame Case

On the inside.

Here are some photos of the rockin’ quadrat frame case my dad made for me to keep my disassembled quadrat frames in.  I asked him to make me the frames and he figured out a way to keep it all together AND make it easy to carry.  A 1 meter long quadrat is somewhat unwieldy.  If you don’t know what a quadrat is, you probably don’t need a case for it.  But if you’re curious, go check out my DIY Quadrat Frame.

A view of the whole thing.

As you can see, it’s made of 2 inch PVC pipes and fittings with a guitar strap for a handle.

The end that opens.

The end that opens has a screw on cap fitting.  With the sand at my research beaches that gets into everything, you can’t ever close it all the way, but it stays just fine with a few turns.

The closed end.

The closed end has a permanent cap that’s glued on.  You can also see how the guitar strap has been permanently attached.

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