Peace Sign Wreath

I know it’s after the holidays and no one is thinking about wreaths right now, except where to store them for next year, but I’ve been wanting to make another one of these peace sign wreaths for a while and I finally got around to it.  The first one I made was last year.  I gave it to my dad for Christmas and it’s been on his door ever since.  My house usually has a wreath of some sort on the door all year, but I kind of decorated the “regular” one this year for Christmas and didn’t want to take it apart.  SO! I needed another one and what better message for all year than peace.

Here’s how I did it (sorry, no pictures for this one):

  1. Gather your materials:
    1. You’ll need some flexible sticks (grape vine, kiwi vine, willow, etc.)
    2. Clippers
    3. A twist-tie, wire, or string for the hanger on the back – optional, but helpful
  2. Take a length of vine and curl it into a circle.  Make it a little smaller than you think you need – it’s going to get bigger as you go.
  3. Weave the remaining length of that first vine around the circle you made, though the center and over the edge a bunch of times, until you run out of length on that vine.
  4. Grab another vine and wind this one around and around just like the last one.  Repeat with more vines until you’re just about out.  As you wrap vines around, try to pin down any ends that stick out if you can.  Also, wrap the vines as tight as you can because it’s only going to get looser as it dries.
  5. Now for the peace sign part of this:
    1. For the center straight stick, cut a thick vine or stick about an inch or two longer than the center of your wreath.  Work the ends of the stick into the wreath.  You can see at the bottom of mine where I just stuck it in under one of the other wound-around vines.
    2. For the two shorter sticks, I took a long piece of sturdy vine and bent it in half.  I tried to wind the extra part around the wreath, but one side just broke off so I stuck it into the wreath just like I did for the straight piece.
  6. Next, trim off any piece that stick out.  I also like to take any extra tendrils off the leftover vines and work them into the wreath, especially around the center of the peace sign to keep it together.
  7. Finally, attach your hanger if you want one.  I twisted a twist-tie around one of the sturdy vines on the back of the wreath leaving a shallow loop to hang on the hook on the door.  Experiment and see what works best for you.  Some wreaths will stay on a hook or nail on their own without a hanger.

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3 responses to “Peace Sign Wreath

  • sarah@antidote_studio

    Awesome! I’d totally hang a peace sign on my door year-round. 🙂

  • Kate

    God, I love the internet. And I love this wreath!! I am currently soaking some long sticks in water to make my own peace sign wreath and decided it wouldn’t hurt to google it and see if anyone else has tried.. and there your post was! Thank you for sharing, this will be great help!

    • micheletobias

      You’re welcome! Good luck with making yours!

      Mine is still on our door, although now that I’m looking at the picture again, I think it got turned backwards. Oh well. They look pretty from the front or the back I guess.

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