J. Paul Getty Museum Trip

Staircase at the Getty Center

Staircase at the Getty Center

Today I took a family trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum in West Los Angeles.  It was hard to get past the hoards of misbehaved visitors to enjoy the art and architecture, but there were moments of surprising peace and inspiration.  Obviously, you can’t really get through everything in one day, so we just visited the exhibits that were near by the Lyonel Feininger exhibit that most of us wanted to see.  One of the the things I liked most about the Feininger exhibit was that they displayed his photos side-by-side with his sketches and drawings.  He used his photography to enhance his drawing and vice versa.  Sometimes having varying interests can be an asset.

Part of the reason for going to the museum was to take photos, one of which you’ll see above.  Taking photos in on crowded museum grounds is an exercise in patience.  When we got to the garden, we really wished we could have taken kite air photos over the pond.  The shrubs and plantings are so intricate, you really can’t do them justice from a human vantage point.  Maybe one day I’ll get to.

On a practical note, if you’re going to the Getty, the best food deal is quite possibly the bean & cheese burrito from the coffee kiosk.  At just over $3, it’s at least half the price of everything else and it’s a substantial amount of food.

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