DIY Camera Rig

There have been many iterations of the camera rig for my kite aerial photography equipment, but this one is probably the most successful – and cheap!  The body of this camera housing is a plastic trashcan I bought for $1 from a local thrift store.  On the top is a picavet made of two lengths of aluminum screwed together and eye screws fitted through each end of the cross.  Attach your picavet strings to the kite line with sturdy carabiners – just loop the kite line around 4 or 5 times and it will hold in place like magic.  An L-bracket made of aluminum is bolted through the trashcan to the picavet to hold it all together.  There are several holes in the L-bracket to allow different cameras to be attached, depending on the length of the lens.  I’ve put a digital SLR and a Cannon G9 in this one.  The black piece on the inside of the trashcan is a strip of velcro – this provides a place to attach an automatic camera trigger device, if your camera needs one.

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